How much money is a speeding ticket?

Answer A speeding ticket costs as little as $1 and as much as $1000, as determined by your state's guidelines for your speed and the number of violations you have.Source:Summary Table of State Speed LawsT... Read More »

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How to Fight a Speeding Ticket in California with Ticket Busters?

You're driving down the freeway at seventy miles per hour and all of a sudden, you see red lights flashing behind you. You get that feeling in your stomach that is all too familiar to some of us dr... Read More »

Just got my first speeding ticket...?

Yes, it happens. But if you have already got the ticket then the only thing you can do is pay up the £60.00 and accept the 3 points on your licence. If this is the first ticket you have had, you h... Read More »

How much do I have to pay for a speeding ticket?

On One Hand: Where You Were Speeding.Every state has different penalties for traffic violations such as speeding. Some states' costs for speeding tickets include court costs and fines may vary betw... Read More »

Speeding ticket?

100+ in 1979 from a bear in the air. I was off my bike & looking at a used car when the state patrol car pulled in & called me over to listen to the air plane on the radio, subject exceeded 100mph ... Read More »