How much money is a good tip amount?

Answer 20 per cent

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What is a good amount of money to have saved up?

You need to have an emergency fund of 6 months of living expenses. If you spend $2000 a month on your expenses, you need $12,000.Also, pay off all your debt and save for retirement.

How to Make a Good Amount of Money at School?

Selling stuff at school can be profitable. Make sure that it is permissible and that you don't have major competition from the cafeteria. Here are some ideas for how you can make a penny or two at ... Read More »

The amount of money you make determines your tax?

Your total amount of your all of your worldwide taxable income on your 1040 income tax return from all sources is the amount that will be used to determine your federal income liability for year af... Read More »

How to Get a Bigger Amount of Pocket Money?

Pleading for more pocket money can embarrass you, and besides, if you set about it badly, you could get into trouble. Use this approach to get at least 25p more a week.