How do I install a graphics card in a Dell Optiplex GX620?

Answer Open the ComputerUnplug your computer to prevent electric shock, and remove the side panel to access the inside of the computer.Insert the Graphics CardPush the release on the card-retention tab at... Read More »

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How to Buy the Best Laptop for Your Money?

This is a brief overview of buying laptop computers at lower than expected prices.

What brand of laptop is the best to get for not a lot of money?

Look on ebay for used IBM Thinkpads..these are extremely durable nice all around laptops. You should be able to pick up at least a T-30..maybe even a T-60 which is extremely nice. Anything T-30 or ... Read More »

How to Make Money With a Laptop?

If you are an experienced computer user, you might be able to make some extra money by sharing what you know and helping others work more efficiently. There are many opportunities for laptop owners... Read More »

I have no money, but I'm in desperate need of a laptop. Please help.?

Wait until Black Friday to go buy your laptop. They will be super cheap at like Best Buy or Target that day/night.