How much money in Vietnam do kids work for in child labor jobs?

Answer 5 to 15 cents a day

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What type of jobs did kids used to have to do when in child labor?

Kids back then had to keep the furnace stoked, carrying coal to them, carry supplies to the other workers, cleaning up factory and other menial jobs...none terribly taxing on the brain but the hurr... Read More »

How much money would you value the work of taking care of a child since birth to 10 years ,and educating him?

there is not a price you can put on loving a child

Is child labor where children have to work?

yes it is.but most children dont get paid alot.some dont even get paid and have to do dangerous jobs...and most die doing them... :'(

Do Los Angeles have jobs that you work on a dock or go offshore or work on a train, any traveling jobs, beside?

You don't keep up with current events, do yo? California has the 2d HIGHEST unemployment rate in the country. Jobs of any kind are almost impossible to find. It could take you many MONTHS to find ... Read More »