How much money has Blue Ray made?

Answer they go up to 118,000 dollars for just 1 blu-ray player.

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How much money is made on the internet?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, total Internet e-commerce sales for 2008 were $133.7 billion. Additionally, according to PricewaterhouseCooper LLP, for the year 2008, there was a total of $23.... Read More »

How much money is made in the dieting industry?

The weight loss and dieting industry made $58 billion in 2006. That number is projected to rise to over $68 billion by 2010. It is expected that after 2010, the industry will experience lower ove... Read More »

How much money is made because of vaccine?

Very little for almost all vaccines. Vaccines are inexpensive to produce and many were never patented at all. Only a couple new ones are patented today.

How much money has Oprah Winfrey made so far?

She's worth about 2.5 billion. I would say she's made at least 3 billion in her life time.