How much money get paid to Indian television actors monthly?

Answer Salaries for TV actors in India has increased significantly. Most new actors are earning, on average, Rs. 15,000 per day. Meanwhile senior actors can command as much as Rs.100,000 per day.

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If Michael is paid monthly an annual salary of 42624 what would his gross monthly pay be?

Gross monthly pay is a person's monthly pay before taxes. If Michael is paid $42,624 a year (annually) but he gets paid every month, then you would divide 42624 by 12 because there are 12 months in... Read More »

How much do voice-over actors get paid?

Voice actors do work for movies, cartoons and commercials. The average annual salary for a voice actor is just under $50,000. However, highly recognizable voices like Don LaFontaine, who voices all... Read More »

How much are csi Miami actors paid?

Do you mean the first series of Miami Vice? Sonny lived on a houseboat and originally had an old 50's car but drove a Ferrari later. I think Simon and Simon also lived in a houseboat this time loca... Read More »

What actors appear in movie about the military and television show?

Service comedies have a long and lengthy role-call! among others (Lead characters in parentheses) Sergeant Bilko (Phil Silvers), Gomer Pyle, U.s.M.C . (Jim Nabors, lead and Frank Sutton as Sgt. Car... Read More »