How are game shows able to give away so much money and all those prizes. where does it all come from. with so many poor people on earth why are only people who have money able to win more money?

Answer For prizes, sponsors pay the game show to plug the prizes on air, as a form of advertisement. In terms of a budget, prizes are essentially free, which is why they were used so often up through the ... Read More »

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How much are u supposed to tip at a serve urself buffett?

Tipping yourself is a funny answer. According to you are supposed to tip 5%-10%. I suspect it's because of the people who fill your water and the people who clean up after you ... Read More »

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How much money does jay leno have?

To use the irreverent colloquial expression, he is "Richer than God". But that has to be temepred by two facts: He is an incurable workaholic (he earns big bucks faster than he can spend them) and ... Read More »