How much money does the average small business make?

Answer According to a 2006 survey of, an average small business owner makes $233,600 U.S. dollars a year, or around $19,466 U.S. dollars a month. The survey was from 1,800 U.S. companies with l... Read More »

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How much money does the average woman make from a home business?

A 2001 study by the Society for the Advancement of Education found that women who owned home-based businesses earned an average of $17.29 per hour compared with $45.29 per hour for home-based busin... Read More »

How much is average property insurance for small business?

What is the average premium for general liability insurance for a small business?

There is no set premium for general liability. It all depends on the type of business you have and the premium is typically based on one of a few things (gross sales, payroll, square footage). An I... Read More »

What is the life expectancy of an average laser printer in a small business setting?

All the printers have a rated capacity. Most of the printer has a design life of five years at rated print volume.Normal laser printer which we use at home or small office is able to take 1000 to 2... Read More »