How much money did Barney Okane make in a year?

Answer Cookie Monster will all ways be Cookie Monster... Just cuz he eats veggies doesnt mean anything

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Could you tell me which popular childrens tv show was hosted by actor and presenter Paul Henley?

Mako Island is a fictitious place, created for the H2O television series and filmed at Sea World on Queensland's Gold Coast. There is no actual island there.

What was the name of the childrens tv show that had a real actor for the main character and animated little people?

Childrens tv show where a bean grows into a money tree then tells you story about money?

How can barney the backyard show be the first episode of barney if on a day at the beach the didn't even know who barney was?

a day at the beach was suppose to be the 1st episode. the directer forgot to film a day at the beach 1st. I am guessing that the backyard gang had no idea. but trust me. I had the same question whe... Read More »