How much money does one have to make before having to file taxes?

Answer While many factors affect your tax liability, single individuals under 65 not claimed as dependents need to file a tax return only if their gross income exceeded $9350. If you are self-employed, ho... Read More »

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How much money can I make before having to pay taxes on it in Ontario, Canada?

Ontario has a "basic personal amount"--which is the amount of income which can be earned before taxes must be deducted--of $8,881 for the 2009 tax year. Therefore, you can earn a total of $8,881 b... Read More »

How much money do you have to make before you need to claim it on taxes?

According to the IRS, self-employed individuals that made more than $400 must file a tax return. As of 2009, single taxpayers (younger than 65) must file a tax return if they made $9,350 or more an... Read More »

How much money can I make in New York state before I have to file taxes?

In New York, as in all the other U.S. states, whether or not you have to file depends on your filing status, age at the end of that tax year and gross income. When filing single and under 65, you c... Read More »

How much does an employee have to make before you have to withhold federal&state taxes?

Each employee that you pay wages (there is no minimum amount) to is subject to Social Security tax (6.2%) and Medicare tax (1.45%). Federal taxes are determined by using the W-4 form information th... Read More »