How much money does one have to earn to file taxes?

Answer As of 2009, the IRS requires that the following income classifications file taxes: single under age 65--$9,350; single 65 and over--$10,750; married filing jointly with both spouses under 65--$18,7... Read More »

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How much does one have to earn on a 1099-MISC to file taxes?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, you must report any 1099-MISC income over $600 per year. For some circumstances the threshold is even lower (you must report income from royalties once yo... Read More »

How much money does one have to make before having to file taxes?

While many factors affect your tax liability, single individuals under 65 not claimed as dependents need to file a tax return only if their gross income exceeded $9350. If you are self-employed, ho... Read More »

How much did you have to earn to file federal taxes in 2006?

According to Publication 501, filing minimums varied based on the filing status and the age of the filer. The range for the 2006 tax year can be quite drastic, from $3,300 for someone married filin... Read More »

How much money can I make in New York state before I have to file taxes?

In New York, as in all the other U.S. states, whether or not you have to file depends on your filing status, age at the end of that tax year and gross income. When filing single and under 65, you c... Read More »