How much money does an ultrasound technician make?

Answer In 2008, ultrasound technicians, or sonographers, made between $$43,600 and $83,950, depending on experience and position. The average annual salary for ultrasound technicians that year was $62,660... Read More »

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Who makes more money: an ultrasound technician or a respiratory therapist?

An ultrasound technician can make slightly more money than a respiratory therapist. As of 2010, an ultrasound technician can make an hourly pay of $27.22 and with overtime of $43.58, and with a bon... Read More »

How Much does an Ultrasound Technician Make per Hour?

As of January 2010, ultrasound technicians with one year of experience or less average hourly rates of $15.30 to $26.34, according to Those with five to nine years' experience average... Read More »

How much does an ultrasound technician make per year?

The average yearly salary for an ultrasound technician generally ranges from $53,000 to $58,000, but may be as high as $72,000. Amounts depend on the state you work in, your experience, your educat... Read More »

What does an ultrasound technician make with a 2 year degree?

According to The PayScale Report, pay for ultrasound techs varies by the actual two-year degree. As of May 2010, an Associate of Applied Science earned $19.98 to $28.73 per hour, an Associate of S... Read More »