How much does an orthodontist assistant make?

Answer The median salary for orthodontic assistants as of May 2006 was $14.53 per hour. Fifty percent earned $11.94 to $17.44 per hour. The lowest 10 percent of these earned $9.87 per hour or less while t... Read More »

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How does an orthodontist know how much tension to use for braces?

Its all on a judgement basis. When in school practice is done on what is called a typodont (a fake mouth) from their each person developes thier own method that works for them. In this case there i... Read More »

How much money does the CIA EX DIR make?

FBI agents normally make from 64,000 to 90,000 dollars annually.

How much money does the CIA make?

Answer The CIA is not a profit center or corporation. As a government agency, they are your tax dollars at work.

How much money does a make-up artist make?

In 2008, the median wage for makeup artists employed in the U.S. was $12.63 per hour or $26,270 per year. Makeup artists working in California and New York earned the highest wages, making up to $7... Read More »