How much money does an invisible fence cost?

Answer As of 2010, an invisible fence that you install yourself costs between $100 and $350. An invisible fence installed by professionals will cost between $850 and $1,500. If you need more boundary wire... Read More »

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How much do invisible fence collars cost?

The collars that go with invisible fences, which are designed to keep a pet from leaving the home, cost between $55 and $130 for each one. The batteries that power the collars cost between $5 and ... Read More »

What is the average amount of money that a Centaur fence will cost?

According to Centaur Fencing, the average amount of money that a centaur fence, also known as a Centaur horse fence, can cost depends on the style and number of rolls. For example, the Centaur Whit... Read More »

Is an invisible fence a good idea?

Our dogs are a part of the family so like any family member we care for we want to keep them as safe as possible. Invisible fences were designed to do just that; keep Buddy in the yard so that he d... Read More »

How to Check for Breaks in an Invisible Fence?

Invisible fences are prime examples of humankind's ingenuity and creativity. These underground fences keep animals within their borders without impacting the appearance of your yard. Unfortunately,... Read More »