How much money does an emergency room doctor make?

Answer reveals that emergency room doctors average an annual salary of $116,923 to $217,198, as of April 2010. Additions can come from bonuses of $4,894 to $24,311; profit sharing of $3,052 t... Read More »

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Does a broken bone in the foot require a trip to the Emergency Room or Doctor?

i would take her into an urgent care or emergency room just based off of the fact that it is cold and pale at the site of injury-this indicates that bloodflow to that particular area is not getting... Read More »

How to Make an Emergency Room?

Have you ever considered where you will go if there is an emergency, and you need to escape from above ground? Here is how to make a room for there circumstances.

How much money does an eye doctor make?

According to, the salary depends on the type of eye doctor and experience. As of March 2010, an optometrist with 1 to 4 years experience makes $70,168 to $92,476 and with 5 to 9 years ... Read More »

How much money does a heart doctor make?

Heart doctors that perform surgery or cardiothoracic surgeons received median salaries of $440,932 as of November 2009, according to Heart doctors that do not perform surgery and instea... Read More »