How much money does a tax attorney make?

Answer According to, a tax attorney's annual salary can vary depending on the city: $109,354 in Indianapolis, IN; $133,991 in Phoenix, AZ; and $167,951 in New York City, NY (October 2009 ... Read More »

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How much money does a defense attorney make?

Defense attorney salaries vary by city and state. For example as of December 2009, in Chicago, they earn $134,265 per year. In New York, they make $146,678 and in Miami, they earn $108,328. Finally... Read More »

How much money does a corporate attorney make?

The average salary of a corporate attorney working in the United States is $88,438 a year. Variants like education, experience and what city the attorney works in will dictate exactly how much he e... Read More »

How do you go about filing for custody in North Carolina and where do you go if you do not have the money to pay an attorney?

maybe the closest in your family that you trust the mostAnother View: Actually . . . this question is worded in MUCH too general a way to be answered in specifics.If you actually mean - sign your c... Read More »

If a sibling gets power of attorney and steals your parents money can she be prosecuted?

You get more opportunities when your an only child :) my opinion doesn't mean it's a 100 % true