How much money does a pipe fitter make a year Well my Helper makes 25 per hr and he is doing plumbing for just about a year. A plumbing mechanic I pay 45 per hr IT all depends on the employees?

Answer Answer Pipelayers, plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters are among the highest paid construction occupations. In May 2004, median hourly earnings of pipelayers were $13.68. The middle 50 percent... Read More »

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Why would the copper plumbing in a 30-year-old house develop small leaks all within an inch or 2 of a soldered fitting?

Answer alot of times if the fittings are close together the solder takes but doesen't get full penetration. over time the pressure of the water will push through the solder joint. the best thing to... Read More »

Do It Yourself Plumbing Pipe Repair?

Plumbing pipes can succumb to leaks due to rust damage. Many of the older pipes become corroded from chemicals present in water. In such cases, replace the damaged sections of the pipe with a new s... Read More »

Can you use PVC pipe for propane plumbing?

NO !!!! Must be Galvanized pipe with threaded fittings or Copper piping with flare fittings. If there ever was a fire, the PVC pipe would burn & burst allowing the propane gas to flow out and explo... Read More »

Should I Use Plastic Pipe for My New Plumbing Project?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010-2011, dental assisting is slated to become one of the fastest growing occupations through the year 2018. With such gro... Read More »