How much money does a nurse practitioner make in a year?

Answer In April 2009, nurse practitioners in the United States made between $75,838 and $89,392, with the median salary being $82,590. However, different specialties, such as nurse practitioners who work ... Read More »

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How much money per year can a nurse in Canada make?

According to, a registered nurse in Canada averages $39,664 to $58,189 per year for one to four years of experience, as of March 2010. At five to nine years, her salary ranges from $40... Read More »

How Much Does a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Make?

Neonatal nurse practitioners make an estimated median salary of $86,000 per year (as of April 2010), according to reports the earnings of the bottom 10 percent of neonatal nu... Read More »

What is the difference between a family nurse practitioner and an advanced practice nurse?

The educational path for a nurse practitioner requires the study of a specialization, causing the career to fit under the umbrella of the term "advanced practicing nurse." Yet, all advanced practic... Read More »

How much money does a general practitioner make?

General practitioners with one to four years experience earn a median annual salary of $100,165 to $150,341 as of May 2010, according to General practitioners with five to nine years ... Read More »