How much money does a forensic chemist make?

Answer The salary of a forensic scientist is based on education and years of experience in the field. Working with the Customs and Border Control, the pay scale ranges between $30,000 to over $40,000 annu... Read More »

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How Much Money Does a Forensic Investigator Make?

Forensic investigators examine evidence from crime scenes that they gather themselves or are submitted by law enforcement officers. If they work for large crime labs, they may specialize in areas s... Read More »

How much money does a forensic psychiatrist make?

Forensic psychiatrists make an upper-income salary, depending on the city in which they practice. In Chicago, the average salary is around $175,000 per year, while someone practicing in Orlando, Fl... Read More »

How much money do forensic accountants make?

Forensic accountants work with law-enforcement personnel and lawyers in the investigation of crimes such as securities fraud, embezzlement and money laundering to determine if an activity is illega... Read More »

What is a forensic chemist?

Forensic chemists work in the lab to analyze evidence that is collected at a crime scene. These members of law enforcement look for DNA, fibers or other potentially incriminating evidence in an at... Read More »