How much money does a dialysis technician make in NYC?

Answer In 2009, a renal dialysis technician in New York City made between $30,706 and $45,452 with an average salary of $37,351.Source:Salary Wizard

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How much does a dialysis technician make?

In November 2009, the median salary for dialysis technicians was $31,030, according to Average pay ranged from $26,067 to $38,585. says technicians with less than one year ... Read More »

How much money do dialysis nurses make?

According to, the average salary for staff nurses working in dialysis units across the U.S. in April 2009 was $64,614 a year. However, individual salaries varied a good deal depending on... Read More »

Dialysis Technician Schools?

Medical patients with kidney failure often rely on dialysis machines to remove toxins from their circulatory system. Dialysis technicians operate dialysis machines, monitor patients and record data... Read More »

What is the Salary & Benefits for a Dialysis Technician?

The salary for most dialysis technicians ranges from $28,148 to $34,635 with a median salary of $30,719, according to Benefits for a full-time dialysis technician typically include paid... Read More »