How much money does a court reporter make?

Answer The salary of a court reporter depends upon the capacity in which she is employed and her experience and education level. The median annual salary for court reporters working for governments was $4... Read More »

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What is the job of a court reporter?

Court reporters prepare legal records of in-court and out-of-court proceedings. There are different types of reports, and training is available for each.Court ReportersCourt reporters record and tr... Read More »

How to Be a Court Reporter?

Court reporters create a transcript of legal proceedings and other events where spoken words must be preserved. There are 3 types of court reporters: Stenotypists key what was said into a stenotype... Read More »

What is an official court reporter?

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How to Become a Court Reporter in Tennessee?

Court reporters in Tennessee perform a very important function. Most court cases require that a record be kept, and court reporters are the people who transcribe the court proceedings. Many times, ... Read More »