How much money does a court reporter make?

Answer The salary of a court reporter depends upon the capacity in which she is employed and her experience and education level. The median annual salary for court reporters working for governments was $4... Read More »

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How much money do court interpreters make?

The salaries of court interpreters can vary widely depending on the interpreter's qualifications, whether she is working for a state or federal court, is employed by the court or is a freelancer, ... Read More »

How Much Money Do Supreme Court Justices Make?

A justice is an elected member of a supreme court. This position is different from that of a judge. Judges typically preside over lower courts, while justices preside at the highest court on the fe... Read More »

How much money do Spanish court interpreters make?

Compensation for Spanish-language court interpreters depends on the location, experience, type of court, type and amount of services rendered and many other variables. According to the U.S. Bureau ... Read More »

What kind of schooling does one need to become a court reporter?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, to become a court reporter, also known as a stenographer, you need to attend a vocational school, technical school or college that offers a 33-month pro... Read More »