How much money does a corporate attorney make?

Answer The average salary of a corporate attorney working in the United States is $88,438 a year. Variants like education, experience and what city the attorney works in will dictate exactly how much he e... Read More »

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How much money does a tax attorney make?

According to, a tax attorney's annual salary can vary depending on the city: $109,354 in Indianapolis, IN; $133,991 in Phoenix, AZ; and $167,951 in New York City, NY (October 2009 ... Read More »

How much money does a defense attorney make?

Defense attorney salaries vary by city and state. For example as of December 2009, in Chicago, they earn $134,265 per year. In New York, they make $146,678 and in Miami, they earn $108,328. Finally... Read More »

Typical Day of a Corporate Attorney?

Corporate law is a broad practice field that includes such diverse legal areas as intellectual property, securities, mergers and acquisitions, contracts and litigation. Depending of the specific fi... Read More »

Definition of Corporate Attorney?

The world of business is a complicated one, often requiring the skills of trained lawyers. Corporate attorneys are those who specialize in understanding the laws and regulations that apply to the c... Read More »