How much money does walt disney world make a year?

Answer On November 12, 2009, The Walt Disney Company reported $10.667 billion in theme park and resort earnings for fiscal year 2009, ending October 3, 2009. This figure includes earnings from the Walt Di... Read More »

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How much money does Disney World make in a day?

The daily income of Disney World is not publicly available, but the Walt Disney Company's theme parks and resorts earned a combined $11.5 billion in 2008. This would equal about $31.5 million per d... Read More »

How much does parking cost at Walt Disney World parks?

The fee for parking a regular car or SUV at any Disney World theme park is $14 per day. Each parking pass is good for a single day at any of the four theme parks, so you can go to one park in the m... Read More »

How much are tickets for Walt Disney World?

In 2009, the regular admission ticket prices for entrance to Walt Disney World are $84 for adults ages 10 and over and $71 for children between the ages of three and nine. Children under the age of... Read More »

How much is it for a Walt Disney World park ticket?

purchasing 3 one day base tickets would be quite expensive. what you want is a 3 day base ticket. compare the price. if you got 3 one day base tickets it would cost you $284.37 for ages 10+ and $26... Read More »