Does anyone have access to a bootleg of the Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs movie?

Answer Sorry, I don't. Have you read the biography it's based on? Maybe that can tide you over. I know it's hard to wait, but it is a business. It costs a lot to make a movie, so they want to make as much... Read More »

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What company did Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak begin in 1976?

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Computer in 1976. They raised $1300 as seed capital for the company and operated out of Jobs' garage. Jobs and Wozniak manufactured 50 Apple I computers, ... Read More »

In What Year Did Steve Jobs& Steve Wozniak Form Apple Computer Company?

On April 1, 1976, Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniak signed papers establishing the Apple computer company. Jobs was 21 at the time and Wozniak, 25. A third man, Ron Wayne, received 10 percent of the ... Read More »

IPhone 4S does the 's' stand for Steve Jobs?

A lot of people think it stands for Siri, Voice Activation feature.

How are game shows able to give away so much money and all those prizes. where does it all come from. with so many poor people on earth why are only people who have money able to win more money?

For prizes, sponsors pay the game show to plug the prizes on air, as a form of advertisement. In terms of a budget, prizes are essentially free, which is why they were used so often up through the ... Read More »