How much money does a CIA make a year?

Answer The FBI was created in 1908 as the Bureau of Investigation, then changed to the FBI in 1935. The CIA was created in 1942 as the OSS, the changed into the CIA in 1945.

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How much money do you make working at McDonalds as a cashier, window person, that kind of job?

depends where you are, anywhere from 5-11 dollars/hour

How much money does ESPN make in a year?

How much money does a cosmetologist make a year?

As of November 2009, the average salary of a cosmetologist was approximately $16,000 a year. Location, experience and demand can greatly influence these salaries. For example, a well-known cosmetol... Read More »

How much money does a welder make a year?

An entry-level welder works with blueprints, diagrams or schematics to determine appropriate welding techniques. He inspects welding to ensure it is sound structurally. The average salary for a wel... Read More »