How much money do you need to move to Australia?

Answer On One Hand: Food and ClothingWhen you move to Australia, you will have to factor in the cost of food and drink there. The average family of four would spend $717 a month for food and drink in Aust... Read More »

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Are we able to move to Australia My husband, dog and I are looking to move somewhere new from Ohio.?

Immigration to Australia is totally based on your education, work skills and work experience. they have a list of needed occupations and your occupation must be on that list. Start your research ... Read More »

I want to move to australia but...?

Nah you got to watch out for the drop bears though!!! Not worth the risk so don't move.... Please!!!!

How can i move to Australia?

You can't be adopted as an adult. The only way you will be able to stay in Australia after your studies is if you qualify for a skilled immigration visa or a Partner visa as the partner of an Austr... Read More »

How to move to Australia from the UK?

You wouldn't be able to move permanently to Australia as a Web Designer unless you have formal qualifications including at least a Bachelor degree. You would also need employer sponsorship by an el... Read More »