How pathetic is this Wasting so much money for a doll instead of using that money for better things?

Answer I think it's completely ridiculous to begin with, but it's even MORE ridiculous when you consider Blue's age. A one-year-old is not going to know the difference between an $80,000 Barbie and a $10 ... Read More »

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How much money is this camera?

I wouldn't bother - it's a toy with a zoom too powerful for it.

I got this starbucks card how to I see how much money is on it?

How much money did NASA use in this year?

No. If they did, they could get a nice bump up in their budgets to go see what made them!

How long would it take and how much money for this tat?

It all really varies on who you go to, I would do some research on some tattoo places around your area and if you find the one you like then ask them about how long it would take and about how much... Read More »