How much money do registered nurses make a month?

Answer In May 2009, registered nurses averaged wages of approximately $5,550 per month, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Their average salary for an entire year of work was $66,530 at tha... Read More »

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How much money does a human dishwasher make a month?

Depending on the amount of dishes that need to be washed and your time spent washing those dishes your pay may vary. Ranging from 600$ - 1400$ a month.

How much money does a dental hygienist make per month?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dental hygienists are typically paid on an hourly, daily, salary or commission basis. The median annual salary for dental hygienists in May 2008 was $6... Read More »

Will you save money if you make a car payment early each month?

Interest is charged on a loan daily based upon the principal amount of the debt. While the savings over the life of the loan will add up, the daily interest will be less the earlier the loan paymen... Read More »

How much money does a radio talk show host make a month?

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