How much money do you have to pay every week to deliver a baby?

Answer You don't pay money to deliver a baby. You may pay to have the baby in a hospital though. The cost varies.

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How much formula milk should a baby have every day?

On One Hand: Base on WeightA newborn will typically drink 1 ounce of formula per feeding, with a total of six to eight feedings per day. This amount will steadily increase through the first week an... Read More »

Can you be pregnant with twins and have one baby be tubal and deliver the other baby?

How much money does America use as game show prize money every year?

t is estimated to be $600,000,000,774.31, which is enough money to buy France, Germany and Ecuador together.

Can you tell if you're pregnant by how much vaginal mucus you secrete and do you have to have morning sickness every day or can it be every other day?

Answer every women is different with morning sickness so dont think you should have to be like evryone else. somedays you may get it in the afternoon or night or morning if your really unlucky you ... Read More »