How much money are credits for the Text Now App for the Ipod Touch 4th Generation?

Answer It's 10 dollars for 500 credits that's 500 hundred minutes of talk time ad free but another thing you can earn free credits by watching ads or downloading certain apps the final way to get unlimite... Read More »

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You guys got anyway to make some money online?

SALES is your best bet. Find something you enjoy and sell it. Use Ebay. You can clear people's garages/lofts/warehouse,s..,..

Do you guys think I wear too much make-up?

How much do you guys pay the guys hanging out in front of home depot?

My grandson has several friends who usually hang out in front of the home depot when it's time to go to work. It's kind of a strange job. They stand around in the parking lot asking people if they ... Read More »

Do military guys who are married get deployed as much as single guys?

There is no discrimination between married and single soldiers for deployment, so there is an equal chance of being deployed. Although single soldiers might volunteer for deployments more frequentl... Read More »