How much do the secret service get paid a week?

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How much does a marine get paid per week while in boot camp?

E1 with under 2 years is around $1250 per month before deductions during boot camp

How much money do snipers get paid?

Military snipers are paid by their rank and pay grade in the military service. Enlisted ranks make less money than officer ranks, but snipers are usually enlisted members. To best answer your quest... Read More »

How much money do photographers get paid?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual salary of a photographer can range from $15,540 to over $56,640 (2006 data). The average yearly salary for a photographer in May 2006 was $26... Read More »

How much money get paid in nasa?

The founder of N.A.S.A. was Dr. Smith de France (The California location)