How much money do movies make?

Answer The all-time box office earnings for a movie go to the "Titanic," which earned $600,779,824. The lowest grossing film ever, "ZYZZYX Road" earned $30, which ran in one theater for six days. Several ... Read More »

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What are those movies that you are willing to pay alot of money to own on DVD?

I paid £250 for my Buffy the Vampire Slayer box set, but that is 7 seasons :) Apart from that I can be quite tight really. I tend to buy DVDs from amazon or supermarkets - anywhere cheap! I very r... Read More »

How to Save Money at the Movies?

Tired of putting off that date night with the hubby because it costs too much? With a little practice, you can reduce the cost of a date night from about $75 to around $30, and that includes dinner... Read More »

Between movies and theater which job makes more money?

Simone, darling!I'm once again thrilled by your interest in the performing arts. You know perfectly well film actors tend to make more money than stage actors...That said, dear, there are many othe... Read More »

How much money have the Star Wars movies made?

The two "Star Wars" trilogies plus the animated "Clone Wars" movie has earned $4,411,410,761 from the movie theaters. As of December 2008, the "Clone Wars" movie DVD sold $22,477,967. DVD sales d... Read More »