How much money do loggers make?

Answer Loggers, otherwise known as fallers or lumberjacks, are responsible for cutting down trees, either to clear land or for wood production. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports (May 2008) that ... Read More »

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Where are data loggers used?

On One Hand: The Food IndustryThe food industry has a large need for data loggers, which are electronic handheld devices used in this industry for a variety of functions, such as keeping records of... Read More »

How to Fool Key Loggers?

Key loggers are a security threat to anyone who types sensitive information on a computer. They are able to keep a log of everything that is typed on a computer, including user accounts and passwor... Read More »

How to Identify Key Loggers?

Key loggers are applications that enable users to secretly record the information you type into your computer, including passwords and e-mails. Find out how to avoid this from happening to you.

How do data loggers work?

Data loggers gained popularity during the 1980s, largely because they use a lot of the same electronics that go into building personal computers. They are used for various purposes where large amou... Read More »