How much money do fashion photographers make?

Answer According to, fashion photographers average an annual salary of $37,391 to $70,000. They can also receive bonuses of $500 to $5,152; profit sharing of $1,001 to $15,000 and commission... Read More »

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How much money do digital photographers make?

The average salary for a digital photographer is $42,000 as of July, 2010. However, salary can fluctuate depending location, company, experience and demand. The nature of work requires photographer... Read More »

How long do fashion photographers work?

Fashion photographers work anywhere from just a few hours a day up to 12 or more, depending on the kind of project they are working on. Most fashion photographers are considered independent contrac... Read More »

Do pro fashion photographers use medium format cameras?

The world of fashion photography is one of high standards, fast pace and challenging scenarios. This industry demands the highest quality images, as they are used for various purposes. This quality... Read More »

How much money do fashion marketers make?

A fashion marketer can make an average annual salary of about $58,000 in the United States. The actual amount made per year depends on the marketer's location, level of expertise, location as well ... Read More »