How much money do disc jockeys make in a year?

Answer A disc jockey's income depends on his popularity--how many customers he will he bring in due to his celebrity. A well-known DJ like DJ Markski, who attracts a few thousand fans wherever he plays, c... Read More »

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How much money do radio disc jockeys make?

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in May 2008 the average annual salary for a radio disc jockey was $40,410. This is $19.43 an hour to play music on the air.Source:May 2008 National ... Read More »

How much money do optometrists make in a year?

The amount that optometrists earn each year depends on whether they work for themselves or for someone else. According to American Optometric Association, optometrists in private practice earned an... Read More »

How much money do accountants make a year?

An accountant can make anywhere from $42,520 to $71,960 per year, depending on the length of time in the field. The lowest amount ever paid to an accountant was $34,470 per year.Source:BLS

How much money do oil companies make a year?

According to the Fortune 500 list for 2009, Exxon Mobil made $45.2 billion with Chevron trailing at $23.9 billion and Marathon at $3.5 billion. To put that in prospective, Exxon made more in 2009 t... Read More »