How much money do day traders make?

Answer Day traders in most parts of the U.S. make an average yearly salary of $136,120. However, profitable day traders in New York have an average salary of $164,000, as of November Read More »

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How much do top Forex traders make?

The earnings potential of top Forex traders is virtually limitless. If they are private traders, they get to keep all the profits from their winning trades in the Forex market. If they are hedge fu... Read More »

Money Management Strategies for Futures Traders?

Futures traders who enter the markets without a sound money management plan are dead in the water before they even begin. Protecting and managing trading capital is the absolute lifeblood of tradin... Read More »

How much money do guests make on the The David Letterman Show make?

Guests on ANY network talk show make the same amount of money.....union scale. That equates to roughly $540.00/US Being on a talk show is not about the money, it is about the exposure and the abil... Read More »

How much money does a make-up artist make?

In 2008, the median wage for makeup artists employed in the U.S. was $12.63 per hour or $26,270 per year. Makeup artists working in California and New York earned the highest wages, making up to $7... Read More »