How much money do court interpreters make?

Answer The salaries of court interpreters can vary widely depending on the interpreter's qualifications, whether she is working for a state or federal court, is employed by the court or is a freelancer, ... Read More »

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How much money do Spanish court interpreters make?

Compensation for Spanish-language court interpreters depends on the location, experience, type of court, type and amount of services rendered and many other variables. According to the U.S. Bureau ... Read More »

How much money do sign language interpreters make?

Sign language interpreters are, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, part of the larger interpreters and translators sector. The average hourly rate for all salaried interpreters is $17.... Read More »

Salaries for Court Interpreters?

Court interpreters do more than translate between one language to another: They also translate ideas and concepts. Interpreters deal with oral communication. They help ensure the rights of non-Engl... Read More »

How much money does a court reporter make?

The salary of a court reporter depends upon the capacity in which she is employed and her experience and education level. The median annual salary for court reporters working for governments was $4... Read More »