How much money do auto mechanics make?

Answer According to PayScale, salaries of auto mechanics vary by experience. As of March 2010, those with 1 to 4 years make $22,123 to $40,014 per year. Those with 5 to 9 years average $29,207 to $49,027 ... Read More »

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How much money do auto mechanics earn?

The amount auto mechanics make depends on their specialties. According to PayScale, as of 2010, auto mechanics specializing in electronic troubleshooting earned a median hourly wage of $15.68 to $2... Read More »

How much do auto mechanics make an hour?

The average salary for auto mechanics was $18.05 per hour in 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The lowest pay for mechanics that year was around $9.56 per hour, while top mechanics... Read More »

How much do auto body mechanics make a year?

As of 2006, the median hourly wage for automotive body mechanics is $16.92. Experienced, certified mechanics typically earn more while trainees earn less. Many mechanics receive bonuses for the vol... Read More »

How much money do aviation mechanics make?

According to, as of May 2010, aviation mechanics with one to four years of experience earn $24,148 to $44,648 and at five to nine years, they make $31,777 to $50,385. At 10 to 19 years... Read More »