How much money do YouTube partners make?

Answer Contrary to popular myth, most YouTube partners don't get paid.First, they would have to have an AdSense account, and believe it or not, most partners don't have one. But even if they did, only in ... Read More »

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How much money do YouTube Partners make about average?

actually youtube has the partnership program for users who want to earn a bit of cash by making videos, plus you have to give youtube your credit card details so they can pay youplus to become a pa... Read More »

How much money do YouTube Partners get?

I AM a Partner at YouTube. I applied for it in Dec 2007 based on a viral video on my channel which now gets about 4,000 views per day and has been seen almost 1 million views since I upoaded in Dec... Read More »

YouTube question how do i make money of f of youtube i monitized my video to get money but am not getting view?

Well if you're not getting any views its one of the following reasons1. Your not promoting your videos well enough. You need to comment and subscribe to other channels, make use of social networkin... Read More »

Only youtube partners can earn on youtube?

If there is a advertisements in the right side of video or a below. They are the only people who earn money directly(Partners). But there are some other ways.Promote a product or service and put th... Read More »