How much money do Marines make?

Answer With less than two years of regular service, an enlisted marine at the rank of "E-1" has a base pay of $1399.50 ($1294.50 while in basic training) as of 2009. An officer with less than two years o... Read More »

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How much money do US Marines make?

See the related link. Your Marine's monthly base pay will be at the intersection of his rank (paygrade) and years of service.

How much money do marines in the sniper division get?

There is no additional pay for a sniper. They will receive the same pay based on their rank and time in service. There are some additional pay associated with being in combat or other qualifications.

Are the U.S. Marines in The Hunt for Eagle One MARSOC marines or regular infantry marines?

Most likely MARSOC. I don't recall seeing a specific unit given in the film.

How would you join the Marines via Navy ROTC and what kind of action can a second lieutenant in the Marines expect to see?

Marine Corps Officers obtain a commission through either the US Naval Academy, the NROTC program or Marine Corps Officers' Candidate School. Contact your local Marine Recruiter for details. A Brow... Read More »