How much money do I need to live in Brazil?

Answer On One Hand: There Are Ways To Live CheapCosts of living depends greatly on lifestyle. For those who are looking to take advantage of the lower cost of living in Brazil and spend less to achieve a ... Read More »

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How much money do you need to live in thailand?

On One Hand: Thai SavingsOne U.S. dollar is equivalent to approximately 33 Thai bhat, and you can expect to live an extremely comfortable life in Thailand for about one thousand dollars a month or ... Read More »

How much money do two people need to live in China?

How much money two people need to live on in China depends on the standard of living they require and where they live. China is a fairly inexpensive place to live, although prices are rising. As of... Read More »

How much money did Live Aid raise?

According to Bob Geldof, the 1985 Live Aid concert to raise money to fight the Ethiopian famine raised just over $245.4 million. Despite its charitable effort, the concert receives criticism becaus... Read More »

How much money does Live 8 raise?

According to Live 8 organizer Bob Geldof, the Live 8 events of June and July 2005 raised about $4.5 million from a text message lottery for tickets. The tickets for the event were free as Live 8 wa... Read More »