How much money do I need to immigrate to Japan?

Answer On One Hand: Transportation Plus Three Months' ExpensesThe absolute minimum you should accumulate before moving to Japan is plane fare plus three months' living expenses, according to Ruth Kanagy, ... Read More »

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How Much Money Should You Bring to Japan?

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How much money should one have to move to Japan?

It depends on where you are moving to in Japan. According to Berlitz Language School, which commonly employs American English teachers in Japan, the cost of living for an apartment in Tokyo, the mo... Read More »

How much money do i need to retire at 40?

On One Hand: Follow the 4 Percent RuleThe 4 percent rule states that you should be able to withdraw 4 percent of your invested principle each year to live off, so if you can live off $40,000 you wo... Read More »

How much money do i need to move?

On One Hand: The Average CostAccording to MSN Money, your pre-moving expenses should include moving supplies, insurance, travel costs such as gas, lodging and meals and cancellation of providers li... Read More »