How much money do I get if I opt out of medical insurance?

Answer According to Steve Idoux, Vice President at Lockton, Inc., compensation for opting out of medical insurance is based on a percentage of the savings to the company. The payment is typically between ... Read More »

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Medical insurance: If it is mandatory that we have it, why can't we get our money back?

I get what you are saying. it's like those of us who can afford insurance are toting the bill for those who can't or simply wont pay for insurance. I agree that it would be nice to get part of our ... Read More »

How Much Money Does a Medical Insurance Specialist Make in Michigan?

As of 2010, the average base salary for a medical insurance specialist in metropolitan areas of Michigan is $63,977, compared with the national average salary base of $65,176. In rural areas, the a... Read More »

How much money does a medical insurance specialist make in the state of Michigan?

According to PayScale, a medical insurance specialist, also known as a medical billing specialist, in the state of Michigan can make an hourly wage of $12.73 to $16.18.References:PayScale: Medical ... Read More »

Is it required by law to bill a patients medical insurance for all procedures performed regardless of the medical facilities knowledge of whether or not it a covered procedure by the insurance?

Not that I know of. If the provider isn't billing - then just send the bill in yourself along with a claim form. When you realize that insurance companies hire inexperienced workers and also that ... Read More »