How much money do Americans pay for paper products per year?

Answer According to the American Forest and Paper Association (AFPA), the pulp, paper and packaging industry in 2008 employed almost half a million people and earned $36 billion for the year. Total paper... Read More »

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How much money do Americans use for game shows each year?

They get their money from the comercials for their advertising.

In what year did the people of the U.S. first use paper money?

The first paper money was printed in the American colonies in 1690 in the Massachusetts Bay colony. The United States Treasury issued paper money for the first time in 1861. These non-interest bear... Read More »

What year was paper money invented?

Paper money was first issued in China in 650 A.D. The first paper currency issued in what is now the United States was created by the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1690.Source:Giesecke & Devrient: Th... Read More »

In what year did paper money originate?

Because the invention of paper money dates back to the ninth century, it is not known exactly what year it came into use. What we do know is that the Chinese were the inventors of paper money, and ... Read More »