How much money does a cosmetologist make a week?

Answer According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the median amount a cosmetologist can make is approximately $10.25 an hour as of May 2006, including tips. Working full-time at that rate you can ex... Read More »

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How much money does a nurse make in a week?

According to the PayScale Report, a registered nurse with one to four years of experience averages $40,532 to $59,077 per year as of March 2010. Dividing that sum by 52 gives us a weekly salary of... Read More »

How Much Money Does a Waitress Make Per Week?

Waitresses serve people with food and drinks, they take orders from customers, relay them to the food or beverage preparation team, and then convey the filled orders to the customer. They also take... Read More »

How much money can you make working for Dish network?

You can go to our website,, to view a listing of our channels and the programming packages the channel appears. There's a link in the upper right hand corner of our main web pag... Read More »

How much money does a dental hygenist make a week?

Dental hygienists make on average $30.19 an hour. If a dental hygienist works an average 40 hours per week, then his or her weekly salary would average $1,207.60.SourceU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics