How much money does a medical office specialist make?

Answer According to Indeed, the average annual salary in the United States for a medical office specialist is $40,000 as of April 2010. A medical office specialist performs duties such as scheduling appoi... Read More »

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How much money does a receptionist in a veterinarian's office make?

On average, veterinarian receptionists earn $20,800 (June 2010) per year. Actual pay will depend on experience, hours worked, duties the receptionist is responsible for and the location of the vet ... Read More »

How to Do Titanic Make Up?

The Lovely soft look of a lady's make up on the Titanic is still stunning today. It is natural, but yet with some lady like accents.

How Can I Make a Model of the Titanic?

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How to Make Your Titanic-Style Hats?

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