How much money did the U.S. government owe when the nation's debt began?

Answer The U.S. national government has been in debt ever since 1790, when it assumed all the debts incurred in the fighting of the Revolutionary War--roughly a hundred million dollars. Until the latter h... Read More »

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Why does my mom get money each month from the government for me being adopted Why did she get money from them when I was her foster kid?

When you were still a foster child the biological parents are still obligated to pay for your expenses. Many people have many foster children because they want to and because there is a need but th... Read More »

What does the government do with old money?

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing, which is part of the U.S. Treasury, shreds and destroys currency notes that have been damaged and can no longer be used. The shredded currency is then bundled ... Read More »

How much money does the US government spend on war in one day?

The address for a military wife and non military husband should be: Mr. John Doe & Sgt. (or whatever her title is) Jane Doe.

How much money does the U.S. government owe China?

According to the Department of the Treasury/Federal Reserve Board, the United States government owes China $895.2 billion. This debt comes mainly in the form of U.S. Treasury Securities, or bonds.S... Read More »