Star this if you dont like Miley Cyrus !?

Answer I stared it but i LOVE miley cyrus haha. Shes my role model...except the bad pics shes doing but shes sorry and shes trying to find herself and its hard being a teen in hollywood.

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Is this picture of Miley Cyrus real or fake?

there real... she said it herself on an interview with some radio show...someone already put all the info as one of the answers just look for it

Why do girls hate miley cyrus so much?

Because most of them are jealouse, and because so many children talk about her and adore her, and because all this photo stuff of her posinng topless etc, and they are mostly jsut sick of evreyone ... Read More »

Why do people hate Miley Cyrus so much?

i dont know! i loooove miley cyrus persoanlly, she is soo prettty and a great singer. she is just a teenage girl having her whole life watched by everyone. im sure if some of the girls"dissing" he... Read More »

If you think that Miley Cyrus is a talentless celebrity star this question?

i hate it.she is a bad role model.she can't defend herself and she does bad pics all the time