How much money can insurance pay you for an accident?

Answer It depends a great deal upon the type of loss. If bodily injury is involved, the value would be dictated by the tort theory to which your state adheres (for example, comparative negligence, contri... Read More »

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How much would insurance cost if you were involved in a car accident that was your fault and both drivers have liability insurance?

Answer How much will it COST? If you have a good record of several years without claims, your premiums may not increase, but if you are a new driver or have had prior claims the increase will be ... Read More »

Do you have to use an insurance check to repair minor accident damage or can you leave the dent and use the money for something else?

Answer No you do not have to use it for your vehicle damage. You can use it as you wish. You are required to be compensated for your damage, It is up to you what you do with that compensation. If ... Read More »

After an accident do you have to use your insurance check or can you opt to live with the damage and spend the money elsewhere?

Answer The simple answer to this is yes you can keep the check and spend it on something else. Answer Unless there is a loan on the car. Then the lender will insist that you have it repaired.

How much does car insurance go up when you have an accident?

Although it ultimately depends upon the company from which you purchased your car insurance and what your coverage entails, you may see your rates increase anywhere from 20 to 40 percent within six... Read More »