How much money can be borrowed for a home loan?

Answer Lending institutions develop loan products to determine the highest amount they are willing to lend to consumers. The maximum loan amount must fall within the federal loan guidelines to be serviced... Read More »

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How much can be borrowed on a home equity loan?

The Federal Trade Commission and Lending Tree state that, generally, you can borrow 85 to 100 percent of your home's equity. Some lenders allow well-qualified customers to borrow up to 125 percent.... Read More »

How long does it take to get your home loan money?

If you are purchasing a home, it can days as long as 30 days to finalize all the paperwork for your home purchase. If you are refinancing a home, it takes around 14 days to get your money. In both ... Read More »

Can I use borrowed money for a down payment?

On One Hand: Down Payment Loans.Some lenders allow you to borrow the down payment for expensive goods such as cars or homes. In the case of a home purchase, the mortgage lender typically needs to k... Read More »

Should I Pay Tithes Off of Borrowed Money?

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